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Kinesiotaping: why try it?


In my practice, I’ve had some promising outcomes with the use of Kinesiotaping technique. (I use both kinesiotape and Spidertech tape – different brands of tape, both work well.) The most noticeable changes are when someone comes in with a swollen joint or with bruises. The tape material is hypoallergenic and latex free. The tape is applied to the affected area in a way where the skin is gently lifted. This allows room for inflammation to clear out in order for the bruising to fade faster. Or, you can PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation) the affected area, but this will take longer to heal. Taping can also be used to help relax tight muscles by applying a special stretch technique. Or to even activate weak muscles. Taping can also be used for joint/postural support.

As a chiropractor, I love being able to have a variety of tools to utilize in helping patients recover faster in a safe and effective manner. There is even a special version of the tape that can be used for people with sensitive skin! For the most part, I’ve been using spider tech tape in my practice and the colour options are the following: beige, black, pink and blue. The variation in colour has no effect in the taping method used. They are just there for fun 🙂

Here’s a clinical example of how taping has helped speed up recovery:

A patient who was struck in the back of the leg as seen in the collage: after 11 days with the use of kinesiotaping technique to decrease inflammation, the bruising/inflammation is practically gone! Around this period, without tape, your bruise would be yellowish-brown. But, that all depends on the severity of the bruise and the persons overall health. I forgot to take a photo of the injured leg pre-tape job on the 23rd, but you can gather the area was quite bruised as seen in the pictures.

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