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Chiropractic care and therapeutic exercise – why do them together?

Have you been injured? Is the healing process taking too long? Take a good look at what your active care is made up of. First off, are you active? And, in which ways? It could be your “core” strengthening exercises are actually NOT spine-friendly, and are potentially setting you up for re-injury.

Spine-friendly therapeutic exercise

I always suggest a quick review of what exercises someone is doing on the regular. Possibly tweaking a few of the exercises if they aren’t joint-friendly. The goal is to build the endurance of the core muscles in a way that won’t lead to re-injury. Chiropractic treatment, like the adjustment, is considered “passive care.”  Passive care is when you are resting on a treatment table while you are treated. “Active care” is when exercise, such as strength training, is incorporated into the treatment.

Information on how to prevent injuries is provided to help decrease future painful accidents. The passive care is used to help re-align your spine so it’s in optimal condition.

Education on injury prevention strategies may assist in faster recovery. Therapeutic exercise combined with chiropractic care may decrease the occurrence of future episodes and improve your quality of life.

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